Day 1
Day 1 happened because of Day 0, Day 0 was sweet, especially the moment when Dick, Cathy and I were having a conversation in silence. It was nice music.
Dick said, 冇男人係細心嘅
Then it was hysterical (funny kind) to see Allan talking to himself non-stop. The music has no sound, the tunnel has no breath and no time without him… he can use station 1, I am glad he finally did. Mr. spent his time taking photos tho….

And Mr. Mo came in, had a conversation that logic can’t explain, he brought gift, the best artistic interaction and Shan.
Some fixed the pole, Agnes bought more tulle…
Many more visitors, holding red yarn, holding white tulle and weaved….
My partner Carol sat on the pillow at the physical station 1, not imagined, this is real.
Day 0 was good, day 0, we all, all weave, here and there, this and that, we weaved
特別鳴謝 Allan

Day 1
He says, She says

– Why do I have to stay here so long, what can I do here, so what could my mom do when she was carrying me, can I just go
– It’s the best that I can stay there alone, not seeing the world, never come out again, but, maybe I should, cos I want to see what’s next
– Life can be so simple when you go back to just life
– Privacy is safe
– I had a monologue with my mom there, whatever I cant tell her was said there, does she know at all? (and she was welling up)
– Do you know what it is like during 制水, it was very hard, having water is good, it is good (and he cried)
– “Was that thing sound or music or what do you call it”?
– Get ready, I have a lot to do after this
– “Excuse me, where do I go now”?
– I tapped and no one answered, I couldn’t talk to my mom when she was carrying me, that 臍帶 (Carol’s knitted fabric) was the connection, maybe the only connection.

– Lots of memories
– My grandma used that
– That is my childhood, am I the same me? Have I changed
– I haven’t been home for so long, I should go see my mom
– 百子櫃 (the apothecary cabinet) should hold all the treasures, all these things were not expensive but maybe these are all so valuable, are our past so valuables, I was thinking about that, or maybe our ancestors were valuables, these are my grandparents things, their smells, their salty fish, their 白花油, I guess thats right, these things are 好寶貴
– The soup was cold, my mother never gave me cold soup, it was always hot. I have a son now, always preparing hot soup is not an easy thing to do. My mom loved the salty fish, I never cooked that for my son, it’s not healthy but is he missing something
– I remember you, I used to eat you, what was your name again (that was 酸梅片)
– It was finally fun, how come I can only stay so short, I wanted more time (it was actually 8 mins)
– My mom loves old cloth, her apron is as old as me, and she is still using it, I have a very old cloth that I am using too… old cloth means … (cant go further)

– What, work pass, are you reminding me about work even here
– Our life is busy.. so much thing
– I could guest most of the thing.. (and counting)… correct, right?
– My mom always cleaned, now I want to clean for her, but she doenst like it
– Key, each key is an extra layer of responsibility, its heavy but it is what it is
– Key, its like a promotion, now you are a wife, now you are a boss, now you have three homes….. more and more jobs
– So rush, what for, for these things?
– The clock, if it can only stop
– Is the music getting faster and faster there?
– I don’t use a watch, my mom don’t use a watch, but my dad did and does, watch like that (the old style) means something it, only some type of people use it, that says something about my dad
– I was just really scared, I struggled for a while to put my hands in and then the music stopped

– Helpless
– If I die can see this 美, 美麗 or 美善, then its okay
– Death is just around the corner
– Even no one remember you after you die, you still 留下色彩, like the dried flowers
– How can be still pretty when we get to the end of life
– Lets not talk about that part
What do you still want to say?
– I don’t like to be alone, I like to be with people, this journey is a alone-thing, its odd, but maybe at the end of the day, you have to face life alone, maybe life is alone
– Can I do it all over again
– 連
– Is it me, or the past, the past is still me, so the me now, the me in the past, still me
– Quietness
– 孕育 , inherit, embrace
– One time only
– Life is hard, growing up is hard, as in, there is a lot and a lot

I say
10:00 ish lets there be life
People knit on carol’s work…. it will keep on going, all things will, Carol you should see it.
11:00 -13:00
That men keep on asking me what he has to do next, can he not eat everything… where to go next…
She feels a lot
They are here
He is not here, where is it?
13:30 ish, he called, I was busy, I gave him a short tour on the phone, he said, what if he screamed Boo there…
2:00 ish lets give it some sort of a door
2:30 ish the speakers got some new cones
4:00 ish my mom said, why is your music all so sad. So mom, what do you think of this thing. Mom said, you are making people to need to think there, so why do you think so much all the time…
5:30 ish 別人留給你回憶,你也是某人某點的回憶 – “經歷這個你, 活成這個我,細數自己”。不只是尊重,但你應該懂的,你懂嗎?
6:00 ish a virtual conversation with Mo
什麼人看見什麼,什麼人聽見什麼,什麼人摸到什麼,這就是那個 “我”
That’s it, day 1

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