Day 2
The morning was quiet, there were maybe 3-4 people and 2 of them said they would come back for the tunnel. other than that, I gave two virtual tours online and I had some down time.
I bought some new kind of “old fashioned” candies (they were viciously expensive), some new things for the mystery box (what else connected to the general you besides work and keys?) and rearrange the fresh flowers
The sun was warm and bright in the room, that’s the beginning of Day 2.

It was more busy in the afternoon, a group of young workshop participants and a small group of artists friend. There were some very good chat.
The tunnel is drooping a bit, I know day after day, gravity will put it down, there is a limit and a day to say goodbye to everything. I will say goodbye to this tunnel in 5 days.. suddenly feel like being in station 3, things go so fast sometimes. Has the people that “supposed” to be here came? Oh, this is only but already day 2. It takes so long to be built but it lasts for a short while as it meant to be.

He says She says
– My mother gave me the best
– I cant stay too long in this mysterious womb
– It is quiet there and I like the water sound, its soothing
– There is no sweetness in my life, I never tasted sweet, that’s why I don’t eat candy
– I am lucky, my family don’t eat overnight food, I never had salty fish, but I know what it is
– My mom died when I was a teenager, I came here to hear other mothers talk about their journey. Seemingly I can get closer to my mom but at the same time, I feel very disconnected, mother’s day had nothing to do with me, would I understand what a mother is like
– I ate all the sweet things in the cabinet, cos I don’t want to miss any of it
– Why cant we go back in stations?
– I pulled out all the tapes of the cassette to see why not , (what was your purpose doing it), just to see why not, (does cassette tape means anything to you), mm… actually yes , about an old friend, record conversation on the tape and post to each other, and now the friend is disconnected. (cassette tape means a lot to me, it was the beginning of my musical development, am actually very angry that she destroyed it for almost no reason, and everything else got entangled with the tape, I will have to cut it all up…)
– Maybe there is nothing much left after death
– It is not sad but peaceful, no matter what you went through in life, at the end of the day, you just want to have peace
– Quiet is actually not so bad, it is good and comforting
– I wanted to eat the soup but I hesitate, so I left but I was thinking about the entire time during the mystery box, without knowing it I needed to move to the flowers already. What if I go back to the 2nd station, why can’t I go back

I say
– Only one person in these two days told me what they “hear”, how music was connected with their journey
– Nearly all artists have very different perspective (the technical perspective) for the journey, “other people” tended to tell me their feelings and stories, artists told me their action and choice and explain what is going on (their action and my intention) in each station
– Love the chats, love these new “data”
– It will be over soon, lets go in again, and again, and again…
– How has it changed… after many footsteps
– Today, people don’t listen to the music, so they don’t follow the time/ pace designed. Yesterday was not like that at all, what is it about? Does it matter?
– My every little stories there…
– Practice as research… / practice led research
– A good core, good intention
– Conversation with Mo, the best remains beautifully even when the core is buried

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