[youlist vid=”zDZFcDGpL4U,3TAqSBMZDY8,I1A4OGiVK30,-XTCSTW24Ss,9X0CESnGQ8U,PLT8s8uUCS8,iG9CE55wbtY,-iL4rtDnfts,w0pQzuPnAaA,mCbdS4hSa0s”]

1. Changing Education Paradigms 
2. The Element 
3. Educating the heart and the mind 
4. Leading a learning revolution
5. Creativity, Learning & the Curriculum 
6. The necessity to revolutionalize the Education System 
7. Multiple Intelligence 
8. Do schools kill creativity? 
9. Learning Without (with Keri Facer & Mick Waters)
10. Education Innovation
11. Changing paradigms 

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