[youlist vid=”n90Uh1s3PCI,efevDDasVTw,9wOYKhVIccA,f9i-8REeYd8,IZAz9PGscjk,M_z7j8TWE6E,nBP3VNsRv1k,v29FVZ0rry8,WGe9rcDfAt0,kdUkqW7m5-A,TOofSOg35Xc,80R3goexOew,9SU1DzsVA5s,6vklnqfaEFY,-UznCTzCvVw”]

1.   distortions of memory 
2.   the biology of freedom 
3.   free will 
4.   mystery of the mind 
5.   the limits of explanation 
6.   origin, evolution, and the future of life on earth 
7.   evoluton of God(s) 
8.   spinoza 
9.   mathematics and religion 
10. mathematics and beauty 
11. time 
12. the limitation of mental and physical beauty 
13. theories of everything 
14. poetry and narrative 
15. modernists that matter: mallarme and apollinaire 

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