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1. Scenes from Under Childhood (part one) by Stan Brakhage is an attempt to imagine fetal seeing and hearing. From this haze a child emerges in fuzzy halo superimposed on images of Brakhage himself… ” (from Criterion By Brakhage Anthology Volume Two).

2. Scenes from Under Childhood (part two): The experimental investigation about the hypnagogic hallucinations achieves in this film a climax that Brakhage masters in amazing editing of glimpses, rapid montage, use of black or clear ladder, superimpositions, time lapse, flicker, in-camera editing, jump cuts, hand-held camera… 
“What we call ‘closed-eye vision’ is for me the template in the mind upon which all further formative envisionment is to occur”, Brakhage was used to say.

3. Burial Path (1978)

4. Window Water Baby Moving

5. The Machine of Eden

6. Delicacies Of Molten Horror Synapse (1990)


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