舞在平行線系列 III



– The Chinese Art of Moving in and out of the Void

– 尋找中國審美虛虛空空之間的當下流動記錄



“Moving/Void” is an exploratory exercise on the hidden aesthetics of Chinese dance. Two modern dancers of different generations, originally trained in Chinese dance, Francis Leung and Cai Ying, would be working along side with Hoyingfung, a multi-disciplinary performance artist, in search of virtuoso in live art and its ever-innovative contexts buried in traditional Chinese dance movement. Impromptu musicians Lui Ngao Yuen and Wong Hinyan, would join hands with folk singer Peng Zhang and designers, Moon Yip and Bert Wong to weave in and out of the moving void, a mesmerizing tapestry in the making live on stage.

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