[youlist vid=”2v6XFkSwVys,WHj2GaPuEhY,C-KaMFCGzrg,3AnB8MuQ6DU,xzd4WiuKr7M,6u4MKuiPHVI,qqEygYZ-KVw,8ghoXQxdk6s,7PdJ9TAdTdA,PTuawY8Qnz8,uOOz-8BO714,xjSUGFzm_po,f6JqFtDWfxI,lobjJYXTJpQ,iebK7VVDayY”]

1. “Language and Other Cognitive Systems: What is Special about Language?” and “The Evolving Global Order: Prospects and Opportunities”. (From June 6th to June 8th, 2011, Prof. Dr. Noam Chomsky was a guest of the University of Cologne being the seventh Albertus-Magnus Professor.)

2. Free Market (This talk by Noam Chomsky was filmed at Northeastern University, Boston on Dec. 5, 1997)

3. Who control the message? (26-11-10)

4. Manufacturing Consent and the Media

5. Propaganda and Control

6. Institutions vs People Will the Species Self Destruct April 10, 2001

7. Responsibility and Integrity – Utrech University

8. Conversations with History

9. Modern day American Imperialism: Middle East and Beyond – Boston University, 2008 

10. The State-Corporate Complex: A Threat to Freedom and Survival 

11. Philosophies of Language and Politics  (2009)

12. The Contours of World Order: Fifty Years of the United Nations

13. The Politicial Economy of the Mass Media (part one)

14. The Politicial Economy of the Mass Media (part two)

15. Global Hegemony: The Facts & the Images (2011)

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